[Bonwicke] Lady of the Lake

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 21 07:20:42 PDT 2006

I am again struck by the courtesy and genuine love for camaraderie that is shared by the
fine members of the Shire of Amloch. Few places are you greeted with such warmth and

For those unable to make the trek to Lady of the Lake, you missed a fine event, a
satisfying feast, unequalled singing and storytelling (as always) and a general sense of
family. I for one, despite the now-achieving-legendary-status rainstorms, enjoyed
everyone's company, comedy and kind words.

My thanks to Lady Aubrey for the exceptional job stewarding, we lacked for nothing, to
Lady Hurrem for toiling to make sure that everyone was well-fed, to all who set up, took
down, told a tale, ran a tournament or helped out in any small way, and to the good
people of Amloch for an event that I won't soon forget!

Grace and peace to all of you, 
Baroness Oriana


I'm no expert on 14th-century medieval warrior regalia, but I think a big hindrance to a knight reaching the end would be wearing white satin in the first place.

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