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Kristy kristyandelong at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 18:37:23 PDT 2006

I would like to thank Byron for donating one of the axes to the barony. Thank you. Now I can hold thrown weapons practice.
  I would also like to say a big thank you to Am Loch your hospitality is unrivaled. To all of you who could not attend you missed a great event, but I am still holding out for a name change maybe Our Lady of the Temperate Desert. Just kidding.
  Hope to see you all at Gothic!
  In service,
  Kristyan de Long
  Thrown weapons marshall at large

gulesaxe at clearwire.net wrote:

I (Lord Yves de Byron) wish to thank Am Loch for holding a very wonderful 
event. The rain came down Saturday, and made puddles in my tent. I have 
already began to make plans to attend next years Lady of the Lake. I wish to 
thank Barbara for a wonderful feast, enjoyed it very much. Thanks goes to 
Lady Kristyan for marshaling Thrown Weapons. I must have set the mark a 
little high at 41 points, but with Bonwicke now having a target and 2 axes 
should be harder for me to hold the top mark. You who didn't come up, missed 
a very good Stickjocks sung by HL Ryah, and the Do Wop boys.
For the Broken Toe Tavern - the sealer for the horns is EnviroTex. I buy it 
in the 32oz box. The last I bought was $21.99 in Hobby Lobby. I have sealed 
6 horns with it have enough to do 1 more sealing for a 12 inch horn.
YIS Byron - Have Beer - Will Travel

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