[Bonwicke] Ruspoli's Widow Speaks ...

HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 12:13:30 PDT 2006

Greetings unto the lady Revecca Ruspoli, widow of my
enemy Captain Carados Ruspoli,

Dear lady, I fear that you have been gravely
misinformed as to the events of a year ago that led to
the defeat of your late husband's army and his capture
and punishment for crimes against the laws of the
land. For indeed, your lord was defeated in the field
of battle and his dark horde scattered to the winds.
In this rout, your husband was seized and made to face
the only judgement fitting for the numerous crimes
that he had committed; death. He was executed by the
sword, a sentence normally reserved for nobility and
was therefore shown greater respect than he truly

However, if you will but surrender the captives that
we know well to be in your possession; most of all
Master Airaklee's dear lady, Baroness Ceinwen, disband
your army and submit to the just rule of the Crown of
this great Kingdom, we will see to it that you are
appointed lands and income that will see that you are
provided for in all the years of your widowhood. The
time for a peaceable solution grows short though, so
do not ponder long on these, our terms.

I truly do pray for a peaceable end to this situation
but doubt not that should you choose otherwise, the
stalwart warriors of Ansteorra will not let you
proceed unchecked.

In service to Christ and Crown,
Kainin Tepesa
Baron of Bonwicke

> Unto Kainin and the Western Region of Ansteorra....
>   I, Revecca, the widow of Ruspoli, speak out
> regarding the confusion of past events.  One year
> ago, my husband was murdered.  In fair combat, his
> army defeated the Barony's forces in almost every
> battle, yet he was captured and murdered.  I know
> not these talks of a lady still held against her
> will, for she was returned to her Lord, so long ago,
> unlike my husband, who I was not even allowed the
> opportunity to pay a ransom for his life.
>   Thus, I have raised an army to defend my late
> husbands lands which he clearly won in combat.  To
> aid me in my fight, I have found his cousins,
> Leonardo and Vlad, who will lead my armies upon the
> field of battle at Gothic Wars.  LET THE WAR BEGIN!!
>   Revecca

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