[Bonwicke] Ruspoli's Widow Speaks ...

Shadow Wolf kaitheshadowwolf at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 22 12:24:10 PDT 2006


I smells a battle brewing and I think that we can come
to an agreement that will be benefiting the both o'
us. I grow tired of hearing the endless banter of that
Baron in Bonwicke; meet my fair price and me boys will
throw in with your lot. We can haggle over goods, when
we join up in the field.

Yours for the right price,
Kai - head of Phoenix Company

> > Unto Kainin and the Western Region of
> Ansteorra....
> >    
> >   I, Revecca, the widow of Ruspoli, speak out
> > regarding the confusion of past events.  One year
> > ago, my husband was murdered.  In fair combat, his
> > army defeated the Barony's forces in almost every
> > battle, yet he was captured and murdered.  I know
> > not these talks of a lady still held against her
> > will, for she was returned to her Lord, so long
> ago,
> > unlike my husband, who I was not even allowed the
> > opportunity to pay a ransom for his life.
> >   Thus, I have raised an army to defend my late
> > husbands lands which he clearly won in combat.  To
> > aid me in my fight, I have found his cousins,
> > Leonardo and Vlad, who will lead my armies upon
> the
> > field of battle at Gothic Wars.  LET THE WAR
> >    
> >   Revecca

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