[Bonwicke] [Ansteorra] Dire News from western Ansteorra

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Unto His Excellency Kainin Tepesa, Baron of Bonwicke do I send greetings and

Master Airaklee has been ever kind to us and his Lady wife Baroness
Ceinwens' beauty has been a constant inspiration to us. It pains us mightily
to hear of this vile act of kidnapping and treachery.  Our Company has
promised aide to Master Airaklee in bringing the justice of Ansteorra to
these vile creatures by the deadly bolt and swift cloth yard shaft. We will
help to ensure that the price they pay will be too dear to ransom such a
treasure ever again.  Look for us on the field as we will be wearing the
proud colors of Ansteorra and wearing a badge of crossed golden arrows, we
are the Company of Saint Sebastian and we pledge our service to Master
Airaklee and all who stand with him.

Lord Jean-Paul de Calmont
Captain, Company of Saint Sebastian

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Unto my noble and just cousin; leader of the famed
Arthurian Company and the stalwart forces of Elfsea,
Armand Dragonetti, by the grace of our beloved Crown;
Lord Elfsea, from the Barony of Bonwicke and the lands
of the West, on this the 11th day before Kalends of
September and Octave of the Assumption of Mary; by
mine own hand, Kainin Tepesa, Baron of Bonwicke.

Cousin, your missive brings me great hope and renewed
respect for the generous spirit of our kinsmen to the
East. It is well that you offer your support in these
trying times, for the reports of the size and strength
of the Widow's army has brought me many restless
nights. I pray that Master Airaklee receives your
message and joins with us soon and with him comes more
of the heroes of this great Kingdom of ours. I fear
that we will need their strength of arms if we wish to
turn back this dark tide and rescue Baroness Ceinwen
and the other the ladies of the court that are
currently held captive.

Likewise, I thank you for your offer of the support of
your own guard, so that mine can turn their eyes again
to home. I have received many troubling reports from
local inn keepers of suspicious persons frequenting
their establishments. I fear that I may have spies of
the enemy in Bonwicke and would wish to have my guard
closer to home to watch over all, but most especially
my most precious treasure, my beautiful lady wife,
Baroness Oriana. I will keep my Lieutenant of Archers,
Lord William, in the field; his sharp eyes keeping
watch over the enemy until your guardsmen arrive.

Even as I write, my forces or preparing to march and
the whole of my army should be in position in less
than two fortnights. I pray that your forces, along
with the legendary Arthurian Company, are likewise
preparing to travel west. If this be the case, I will
look for you at the Kalends of September in the vale
of Sweet-water. If you can send word to our other
noble cousins and beseech them to likewise come and
aid in this dread time, I would be forever in your
debt. I fear my missives are being blocked and my
swiftest riders have been employed to carry this
letter unto your own hand.

Until we meet victorious and celebrate the safe return
of Baroness Ceinwen.

Baron of Bonwicke


Unto my Right Wellbeloved and Noble Cousin Kainin
Tepesa, Baron of Bonwicke, defender of the virtuous,
stalwart protector of the Western region, do I, Baron
Armand Dragonetti send greetings:

Your Excellency, your words convey both ominous
portent and hopeful opportunity. Long has it been
since Master Airaklee knew a full night's sleep. I
grieve for him. The efforts of my own agents have be
fruitless and no hopeful reports had been returned
with which to console my good friend. Your news is
heartily received, and I have already sent word of
message to Master Airaklee. Woe to those who dare
stand between he and his fair lady. In addition, I
shall send word to all former Arthurians to
reconstitute this valiant company of years ago, to
join with me on the road to Mendershaim.

Please extend my compliments to Lord Tristan, for his
report would seem to confirm the rumors that have
reached my ears. It has been suggested that Captain
Ruspoli's widow appears similar in countenance to that
of one of the fairest in Ansteorra. It is said, that
her mania has grown beyond that of mere vengeance
untoward Master Airaklee. Some suggest that this Dark
Lady further desires to squelch all that is beautiful
within the land. Prior reports seem to suggest that
Ruspoli's widow is a student of the dark arts and her
beauty is....unnatural, which she uses to beguile
those in her employ.

Such vanity and jealousy would seem supported by Lord
Tristan's witness of "numerous" noble ladies of the
court being held captive. I fear not only for Baroness
Ceinwen's safety, but also for all that is beautiful
in the kingdom, but most especially the noble ladies
in your lands. I am sending my own guardsmen in
advance of the Arthurians, to relieve the burden on
Lord Tristan and your guard. I strongly advise that
the bulk of your guard return to Bonwicke and take
special care to protect Your fair lady. Her Excellency
Orianna's beauty is well known throughout the land,
and if this rumor about the Dark Lady's vanity is
true, Her Excellency of Bonwicke is surely in peril, a
seemingly irresistible target. I fear for Her safety
and will muster my forces with haste to assist you.

Be on your guard, but be encouraged. The folly of
Ruspoli will soon be at an end.

In the service of kingdom and crown, I remain,
Baron Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea

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