[Bonwicke] 12 Hours of War - January 19 - 21, 2007

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Fri Dec 1 21:35:28 PST 2006

On behalf of the Barony of Steppes
I come forth with the following announcement -

Twelve Hour War
January 19th - 21st, 2007
Seventy Two Open Field Battles held Over the
       Course of Twelve Hours

Come and fight in the entourage of your favorite Knight!
The two knights with the most powerful entourages will
    command each side!

The sides will hopefully be balanced by skill or numbers!

This is the last event to practice fighting under Gulf War rules!
Imagine a "Lay On!" almost once every ten minutes!

A full day of fighting from sun up to sun down or until exhaustion,
    which ever comes first!

Six AM Armor inspection, if you can not pass in the dark...

January is great heavy fighting weather!

An off the calendar event means no courts to attend!
Besides, it is either this or Red Tape!


Site will open at 4pm on Friday January 19 and will close at
      11am Sunday, January 21

Contact Information:            Site Fee:
Steward:                                 Adults $8, (5-17)-$4
Cionaodh O'Hosey                5 and under free
(Gene Hosey)                         Family max $24
(972) 689-0467                All prices not including non-member fee

Site is wet with period containers.

Event will be held at the Tanglewood site.

Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available.

Rules of the "Twelve Hour War" 
The Rules of Engagement All Gulf War rules of engagement will apply
at the Twelve Hour War.

Unit Organization
To promote unit fighting under the command of the Chivalry and to try
to provide sides balanced for skill and numbers every combatant is
rated for their usefulness in open field battles, in Gold Pieces, look
at it as the cost to raise and maintain such troops. 

Dukes                  32 gold
Counts                24 gold 
Knights               16 gold
Centurion              8 gold
Talons                   4 gold
Heavy Fighter       2 gold
Arc d'Or                4 gold
Talon Archer        2 gold
Heavy Archer       1 gold 

Archers armed with melee weapons cost their highest value.
Royalty are charged only for titles earned be by their own right.
Units will be organized around inspected Knights. 

After inspection each fighter will declare which of the inspected knights
he is fighting with.

Each knight will be restricted to nine troops each.
Knights cannot fight for any one else.

The knight with the most expensive force, including himself,
will command the red team.

The knight with the second most expensive force, including himself,
will command the black team.

The remaining knights and their units will be divided up between the
red and the black trying to equalize the values.

Each fighter inspected after the first lay on will be added to the
weakest side at that time. 

The List
The list will be forty yards by twenty yards with the center half clearly
marked each way.

The edge of the world will be marked by ropes, the center halves by
flags on the edge of the world.
The edge of the world (EOW from now on) is death when one foot or
other body part touches the ground out side of it.

When the opponents start on the forty yard side, no more than five
yards from their EOW, the list is called a field.

When the opponents start on the twenty yard side, no more than ten
yards from their EOW, the list is called a valley. 

The Flag
The Flag is a nine foot piece of rattan with a basket hilt in the middle
so anyone can grab it. The flag can be used to parry but not to strike.
One end is red and the other black -
the side in possession of the flag must hold their end up.

Possession of the flag is not official until the end with your color is up.
When killed the flag bearer must kneel next to the flag holding it up
for all to see.

A killed flag bearer must release the flag to whom ever takes it.

A flag dropped is subject to a standing ten count by the marshal in
charge. A flag held by a dead bearer is not considered dropped. 

The Time
No scenario will last past the set time.
No one can enter the field after lay on. 

The Sides
In each scenario one side will be the attacker and the other side the

The attacker must capture the flag from the defender.

The defender must prevent the capture of the flag.

The defender loses on a standing ten count also.

The attacker losses if time runs out and he has not won. 

The Scenarios
The two basic scenarios are "run, Forrest, run!"
and "keep the center".

In "run, Forrest, run" the defenders can take the flag any where
they like.

In "keep the center" the defenders must keep the flag in the
center half of the field. 

The Complications
Complications are added to the basic scenarios and work as

The "Kill the King" complication means that if the commander of
a side gets killed that side immediately losses.

Only if the commander is not to participate on the field may
another Knight be declared the commander. 

The "Reinforcements" complication means the commander of
each side can call for one resurrection and all dead can come
back that were at the EOW center half for that side at the time
of the call.

Some one who did not make "lay on" can come on with the

Note that a dead commander can still call on the reinforcements
and himself with them unless kill the king was also part of the

Archers will be allowed to retrieve their arrows between

Scenarios will not be held up either for retrieval of arrows or
arrow inspection.

Arrows will only be re-inspected as Marshals are available.

Ld Michael Kettering

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