[Bonwicke] Bonwicke's Twelfth Night

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 12 11:57:50 PST 2006

To the Fair Populace of Ansteorra,

A reminder that in a mere 25 days on January 6th, Bonwicke will be celebrating her 25th
Anniversary Twelfth Night celebration. All pertinent details may be found here:
http://www.bonwicke.org/twelfthnight.htm. Or any concerns, questions or suggestions may
be directed to me at baronandbaroness at bonwicke.org.

The day's events shall include, but are not limited to: 
• Bonwicke's Titled Artisan Competition
• An Artisan's Roundtable hosted by Dame Clara von Ulm
• A Pas d'Armes Tournament challenging Ferocious Heraldic Creatures
• A 6-course Traditional English Feast for 100
• A Nobles' Luncheon

To reserve space at either the Feast or Nobles' Luncheon, please send both SCA and
mundane names to baronandbaroness at bonwicke.org.

I look forward to seeing everyone there,
Baroness Oriana
Twelfth Night Co-Steward


Due to the nearly 100 percent likelihood of the bird flying away during the process of uprooting, transporting and replanting, "partridge in a pear tree" ranks just slightly ahead of "cat on a helicopter blade" as a practical gift.

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