[Bonwicke] Twelfth Night Approaches Anon

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Please save 2 seats for us, but still waiting for reply to earlier e-mail question.

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Salve, fair populace.

I am certain that most are preoccupied with thoughts of the impending yuletime, but this
is a missive to remind all that the festivities need not end with the passing of
Christmas or even the celebration of the New Year.

On January 6th, we shall revel in Bonwicke with a day of Tournaments and Feasting. Join
us for our twenty-fifth Twelfth Night.

There are a scant 30 seats left at the Feast, so for reservations, please write to
baronandbaroness at bonwicke.org with the SCA and common names of those attending. Children
under the age of five do not require reservations.

For a listing of things to look forward to, please visit:

Till we meet on that day,
Baroness Oriana
Twelfth Night Co-Steward
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