[Bonwicke] What does the Regional Seneschal do?

Elaine Starkey estarkey at camalott.com
Sun Dec 24 07:06:18 PST 2006

In many ways, being regional is much easier than being the local seneschal. 
Less reporting, a bit more filing.  Like the local, the regional is an 
information source and a decision source point.  The regional runs 2 
business/populace meetings a year, the local runs 12.  The regional teaches 
how to be a seneschal, and appoints new ones.  The local appoints autocrats 
and makes sure they know how to run an event.
 I enjoy doing SCA fun stuff, going to events, hitting people with sticks, 
wearing garb, singing songs, making stuff.  I like being around the kind of 
people who show up to meetings and events.  However, in order for fun stuff 
to happen, somebody has to  run the events, cook feasts, clean up, do the 
paperwork. Doing a regional or local office is part of helping the fun stuff 
to happen.  Guess I could have just pointed out the power and glory perks of 
being regional instead of the responsibilities, but I'm really not into that 
sort of thing.


> You trying to discourage people from applying for the job?     Sure sounds 
> like it!!!!
> You've done and are doing a bang-up job Ryah!!!  May fortune smile on your 
> efforts to get a replacement.  [but don't look this way]
> --
> Shalom,
> Charlie
> larkinokane at cox.net

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