[Bonwicke] Question for fighters

jlusk at crcom.net jlusk at crcom.net
Mon Dec 25 17:00:53 PST 2006

Greetings, y'all!

Hope everyone's had a wonderful yule, and is not too stuffed with
Christmas goodies to give thought to our upcoming CeltFesTexas regional

Since we're going to be nearer the track this coming Fest, the board has
asked how much room to set aside for us.  The Illuminated Threads Guild
believes it needs a 20'x20' space for the A&S part of the demo, but we're
unsure how much room you great fighters need.  What do you recommend?  Is
a 40'x40' space big enough for us all?  I could surely use your advice.

Thanks for your help!

Your friend,
Lady Elewys

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