[Bonwicke] Regional Figher Practice

Chelsea Williams baby_sis_83 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:22:17 PST 2006

Wanted to point out something. I went to a war practice this past weekend 
after Queen's Champion, and Don Yago, Iago? (sp?) said that if there's not a 
Western region commander for rapier, then he's grouping y'all with the 
Southern Region. If there's not a commander, find one, if there is a 
commander, get in touch with Don Yago, Iago? (sp?).  Can't make it for the 
practice as usual. =(
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Subject: [Bonwicke] Regional Figher Practice
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   I apologize for the lateness of this missive. The monthly Regional 
Fighter Practice will take place this Sunday, February 4th. Same place as 
usual - Lamesa City Park, in Lamesa (go figure, huh?), starting at noonish, 
and lasting until everyone is ready to go home. With Gulf Wars right around 
the corner, can you afford *not* to come? I think not! Come and practice 
your battlecraft, and help lead Ansteorra to VICTORY!!!

   Ever In Service,

   Ld. William Cameron

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