[Bonwicke] Upcoming classes need by most of us and Exchequer business

Kathryn Childress safiye1 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 10 17:26:59 PST 2006

Greetings unto the Western Region – This is a long note so please be patient 
with me and read it all.  This is primarily directed to group Exchequers and 
Financial Committee members but I encourage you all to read and participate.

I have some great new for you.  The Kingdom Treasurer is coming to Kingdom 
A&S and will be teaching both parts of the Exchequer Warranting class. Why 
is this great new you ask?  Because you don't have to listen to me teach the 
class of course :)

But seriously -

Lady Isobail will be at Kingdom A&S next weekend in Crossroads Keep. If you 
are currently the Reeve for your group or a member of your groups Financial 
Committee, please!!!! try and come so that you can take this class.  The 
class is scheduled for 1:30p(ish).

Part one of this class needs to be taken by all Exchequers (and deputies), 
Seneschals (and deputies), Landed B&Bs, and Financial Committee members.  
Part Two covers the forms and is required for Exchequers (and deputies).   
Be kind to your Reeve.  Take the class.  Those who are forward thinking and 
are considering helping your group by being the next Reeve would also 
benefit from this class.

I took both these classes at Red Tape in January and I’ll be teaching them 
periodically to keep us all up to date.  I plan to teach at the upcoming 
Crescent Wrench.  That being said – the KINGDOM REEVE is coming to the West 
to teach you – please attend so you can benefit from her knowledge.

If your group needs to change the signature card – Kingdom A&S will be the 
perfect time to do so.  With the Kingdom and the Regional treasurer in 
attendance, we can both sign your card on the spot.  Please remember that to 
officially change your card, a copy both the membership card and drivers 
license (or valid photo id) of all financial committee members is required.  
Please bring them with you.

A&S is also a perfect time to have your books audited.  Over the next few 
months, I will be auditing each groups books and would very much appreciate 
being able to complete them as timely as possible.  If you are a group 
Exchequer – please contact me privately to discuss a date – this includes 
those of you who will be kind enough to bring your books to A&S.

HE Anastasiya has served the Western Region well and has completed the 2005 
year end reports.  I am assuming the Regional Exchequer position 
immediately.  Please begin to send your reports and questions to me – this 
includes your January report.   I can be reached at safiye1 at hotmail.com, 
325-223-8784 (home), 325-234-4823 (cell), and 118 Las Lomas Dr, San Angelo, 
TX 76904.    If you get my voice mail, please leave me a message so I know 
to call you back.

As a reminder, each group needs to have a yearly budget, a financial policy, 
and an inventory of the items the group owns (ex: 4 serving trays, 3 spoons, 
2 table cloths, and a pavilion).  If your group does not already have these, 
please begin to put your thoughts and questions together and we can talk at 
A&S (or whenever you call/email).

Thank you all for your time and attention.
Please feel free to email/call me with questions/comments/concerns.


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