[Bonwicke] Last Chance

HE Chiang chiang at nts-online.net
Tue Feb 14 21:48:46 PST 2006

Tomorrow is the last chance you will have to pre-register online for Gulf 
Wars. If you are planning on going, I would suggest that you get it done. 
When you have gotten that done, send me your info so that I can get you on 
the Land List.
I will need your Mundane Name
                           SCA Name
                           Tent Size (including ropes)
                            Planned Arrival Day
I would like to see more people from the Western Region attend, we really 
need to be seen more by the Kingdom and show it a bit more support. Plus I 
am sure that the people in that area could use the business.
  So get off your duff and get registered. See you at the War.
Chiang, Land Guy for the Western Region 

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