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  All hail to the good gentles of Bonwicke and the Western Region!
  Bonwicke's Twelfth Night celebration has passed, and the time has come for words of gratitude. HE Kainin, our gracious steward, has posted a list of thanks to those who helped to make this event one of the most resplendant and majestic that I can remember in Bonwicke. Of course, his list of names to whom Bonwicke owes great thanks is short by one: his own. As the steward for this year's Twelfth Night, HE Kainin worked for months planning this event. It takes great finesse, and an unimaginable amount of planning to steward an event like Twelfth Night, and still have time to observe the duties of a landed baron. To his credit, HE Kainin was a gracious and seemingly relaxed host to Bonwicke's guests, which is quite an accomplishment. 
  As for myself, I must echo His Excellency's words to those who pitched in with the feast. First and formeost, my thanks go to the beautiful and talented Lady Cahira. There was never any question that I would ask for her help, or that she would give it unhesitatingly. Cahira ran errands, peeled and cored countless apples (well, not really countless. I'll bet she knows exactly how many there were) and washed every pot, pan and spoon in the kitchen at least a dozen times, and did it all without complaint. Cahira, you are a treasure in the best sense of the word. My thanks to Mistress Anna, who approached me months ago and offered her help. Mistress Anna also ran countless errands, baked all of the bread, and saved me (and all of you) from my disastrous pastry. I would never want to try stewarding a feast without the two of you. 
  Beornwyn offered her time, her service, and the use of her things to make the day a success. It was her beautiful tablecloths and candleholders, etc. that helped transform the hall. She, too, ran inumerable errands for the kitchen, and brought us cokes when we needed them most, which I will remember forever. When faced with the question of finding someone to serve the head table (usually my job, and one I take very seriously) she came immediately to mind, and pulled it off with flair. 
  Troy and Alexander similarly offered their time, service and stuff to the good of their Barony. Alexander kept me company in the kitchen, and was ready to lend a hand at a moment's notice. Ly Kate and her enigmatic friend (is it Lolo? I want to say Lolo) volunteered to serve with Alexander and Troy, and between the four of them they did an outstanding job of translating the chaos of the kitchen into a gracious and smooth feast. I really don't know how. 
  Afflac volunteered the use of his serving carts, and was a constant source of encouragement. Thank you so much. To Marcus, who arrived late in the day, and without a word went straight to the unglamorous task of washing dishes. And pots. And pans. And then all over again. And again. I don't know you very well, but you are alrready a friend. 
  To all of these people, I owe my humble thanks. You embody the ideals of service and humility that are the cornerstone of this society. 
  Yours in Service,

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