[Bonwicke] Twelfth Night thanks

Simone Ui'Dunlaingh simonemu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 13:48:46 PST 2006

I Would like to thank all the good gentals who stoped by the scribes
table to paint a charter or to get information on the scribal college.

A special thanks to his excellency Kainin for setting aside space for
the scribal college.

I would also like to give her excellency Oriana a hearty vivat  for
years of service as your regional scribe.  we passed the pervial hat
for the scribes office at 12th night.

This was a wonderful event, by a terrific barony. I had a wonderful
time Thank you very much

Simone Ui'Dunlaingh
Good Orderly Direction:
is the thought or Idea;
Which is not based on Ego.

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