[Bonwicke] Applications for Western Seneschal

Elaine Starkey estarkey at camalott.com
Sat Jan 14 10:07:13 PST 2006

Can you believe it?  Come next month, I will have been your Western Regional 
Seneschal for two years.  It's about time for a replacement.

What does the WR Seneschal do?

I get monthly reports from all the local seneschals by email, print them 
out, and file them.

I get End of Reign reports from the local seneschals, print them out and 
file them.

I send a quarterly report to the Kingdom seneschal that is compiled from the 
monthlies and the EORs that I get from the seneschals.

I keep copies of all correspondence that I either get or send out.

I am the liason between the Kingdom and the officers and people of the 

I get phone calls from the Kingdom seneschal telling me to get information, 
solve problems, find out what is going on.

I get phone calls and emails from regional and local officers asking for and 
giving information.

I call, email, phone and talk at events giving information, discussing 
problems, finding solutions.

I research Kingdom and SCA corpora laws, handouts, publications and talk to 
various knowledgable people to find answers to questions, then get back with 
the person who asked me.

I get with the Regional Officers and schedule and run Crescent Wrench.

I appoint local seneschals, and send the change to the Kingdom Seneschal and 
the Kingdom Chronicler.

I bug people about getting waivers sent in to the waiver secretary.

I bug the seneschals about their treasurer's reports getting in on time.

I teach the seneschal class that incoming seneschals and autocrats need.

I advise, cajole, decide, say yes, say no, encourage, research, check up on 
progress of things, facilitate information flow.  I encourage local groups 
to make their own solutions to their problems.

I have helped Am Loch step over the line and become an incipient shire.

I have compiled a listing of reporting for events, local offices, and 
fighter practices that is now on line at ansteorra.org.

I have unsucessfully tried to get the Kingdom Archery Marshal to appoint a 
Regional Marshal.

I have appointed new seneschals for all the shires except Adlersruhe.

I have run 4 regional Crescent Wrench administrative events with the help of 
our fine groups and regional officers.

If you are interested in applying for my office, please send an email with 
your application to the Kingdom Seneschal ELanghans at khou.com which contains 
all the information asked for on the application for office 
http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/seneschal/forms/Application.pdf plus a copy 
of the application to me estarkey at camalott.com.  You should also attach a 
copy of your membership card and a picture id. ( black out your driver's 
license or social security number).  Please also send an email to the 
western region list with your application for office minus the membership 
card and the picture ID, so our populous will know you and be able to send 
in letters of recommendation about you.  Come see me at the next Crescent 
Wrench, and become my deputy.

You need email. You need a phone. You should be able to teach the seneschal 
and autocrat class.  You should be able to make most WR events, and some out 
of region events.

Ok.  So maybe I lied at 12th Night when I said it was an easy job.

HL AmaRyah hap Illys de Visclo
Western Region Seneschal

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