[Bonwicke] Red Tape Hotel Room

Elaine Starkey estarkey at camalott.com
Tue Jan 17 06:20:47 PST 2006

I would like the room.
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> Greetings to my friends of the Western Region.
> I have booked two hotel rooms for Red Tape in Stillwater this weekend.  I
> only need one of the rooms as the other person who was supposed to go 
> cannot
> make it.
> Now, what does this mean to you?
> I work for Marriott which means I get a $35+tax rate for each room.
> I have one room available with two queen sized beds at the Fairfield in
> Stillwater.  Anyone need a room?
> Let me know ASAP because if I don't hear from anyone by Wednesday, I'll be
> cancelling one of the bookings.
> The only thing about the room is that you can't throw a big party because 
> it
> looks bad on me and it's possible that this is a future career and you
> cannot check into the room without me being there so we'll have to get
> together to figure out when you need to show up.
> Other than that, it's a great deal on a great room.
> Anyone interested?
> Dirk
> Dirkthedead at cox.net
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