[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench V and red tape

Elaine Starkey estarkey at camalott.com
Sun Jan 22 02:07:26 PST 2006

I've spoken to most of the other Western regional officers, and it looks 
like the weekend after Kingdom A&S for Crescent Wrench will be a good date. 
It will be up in Borger and Am Loch is hosting it.  I am working on getting 
an authorizing archery marshal up to give the warranting class, but don't 
know if this will happen.

went to redtape.

unless somebody really objects and wants to take over as Western Seneschal, 
Modius extended my warrant for a year.  I really, really need for a 
volunteer or so to be my deputy, and to train up to take over my job here in 
a year.

Unusual. His Majesty held a very short court and announced Moonshadow was 
made a providence.  Vivat Moonshadow!

Changes included reporting for all missle weapons will all be online and 
centralized (includes archery, thrown weapons and seige weapons).  Probably 
details be out on ansteorra announce and to those marshals soon.

A few changes to the treasurer reporting, lots of emphasis on getting 
waivers in.  LOTS of make sure that the EOY exchequer reports are in to the 
Regional by 31 Jan.

A few changes in the seneschal stuff, but not much.  New seneschal handbook 
will be coming out hopefully by the end of March.  Draft version very 
readable, looks good. 

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