[Bonwicke] FW: Coronation

Dirk dirkthedead at cox.net
Tue Jun 20 23:33:35 PDT 2006

Forwarded at the request of Mistress Marthe:

Greetings Unto My Fellow Western Regioners!

Once again I come asking your help.  We need your generous donations toward
a side-board for Aaron and Britta's Coronation.  Please, only volunteer if
you are coming to Trelac by 10:30 to 11:00 AM.  We are trying to accommodate
Their Majesty's guests from all over the Known World, and also to show them
that we honor and love them.  Please join us in the fun.

The following items are needed:

#items needed	Item choice
12	Desserts (cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.)
24	Sandwich filling packages (lunch meat, tuna salad, egg salad, etc.)
24	Loaves of bread, packages of rolls, packages of pita bread
12	Extra large packages of plain potato chips
1	Large jar of sliced dill pickles
2	Quarts of Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise
1	Quart of mustard
Extras	Scotch eggs, meat pies, specialty items, etc.
5	Packages of Raspberry tea mix

If you can bring any of these items, please call HL Augustina at
432-367-4404 so we can create a plan.  I will bring the fresh vegetables for
the sandwiches and also a large raw vegetable tray.  Thanks in advance for
your help.  I can always count on you.

Marthe de Blenkinsop

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