[Bonwicke] GW Kitchen

Carolyn Armstrong lygilmacguire at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 11:36:50 PST 2006

Here is menu for the week.
  Monday:  Tossed salad, Italian stew and garlic bread
  Tuesday:  Borscht, Gorky chicken with noodles, green beans and bacon, bread
  Wednesday:  Dolmas, Persian fruit salad, rice pilaf, garlic and rosemary lamb with pitas and tzatzik sauce
  Thursday: Ginger lime chicken with rice and stemed vegies, and a soup that i have yet to pick out
  Fri: Irish wisky steak, bacon and leek mashed potatoes, rubies and emeralds (vegie dish), muligtawny soup and bread
  Sat: countrystile pork ribs with roasted root veggies, and bread
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