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gulesaxe at clearwire.net gulesaxe at clearwire.net
Sun Mar 19 16:14:15 PST 2006

   Title : 
 SCA name: 
  Branch : 
Real name: 
City, State, Zip: 
Email Address: 
SCA Membership #: 
Membership Expires: 
Reporting Marshals Activites, Comments, Other things 
   worth reporting, etc.:

All Thrown Weapon Marshals of Western Region, I need the above info for my 
quarterly report to Kingdom, and for my information.
        Western Thrown Weapons Regional Marshal, Lord Yves de Byron 
This is for related information - due to mundane work I will be making 
(hopefully)Bonwicke's Champion, and Mendersham's Defender this year. As the 
everything looks at this piont in time. At November, I will be able to live 
the dream more. YIS

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