[Bonwicke] CeltFesTexas Fighters

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Thu Mar 23 14:17:05 PST 2006

Greetings again!

Last year, Lady Muirghein scripted an excellent rapier demo for Celtfest 
that was enjoyed by all spectators.  M'Lady, could you be encouraged to 
do the same this year?

Armored warriors, is there among you a good gentle who would be 
interested in organizing that part of the demo?  A fun, historic 
scenario like that Lady Muirghein coordinated last year works well, 
IMHO. (A novice being tested by her teachers and advancing to the next 
stage of her training was the plot.)  Perhaps Scot vs English?  Insults 
tourney format?  These demo tourneys are for fun, not for fame or 
reward, so a fighter can really let his/her hair down and play.  Get the 
spectators rooting for the good/bad guy...dramatic deaths galore...this 
can also be fun for marshals as they set the stage....

Wounded warriors, as we've had someone already volunteer, please come 
and bring your armor for show and tell.  We're planning to be showing 
the video "In Search of the Dream," so anyone handy to explain the 
action on the screen is encouraged to do so.

Anyone with a period pavilion is *so* welcome, to add ambience to our 
blue pop-ups.  <G>

Also, any of you with other things you'd like to demo, please let your 
voice be heard--storytelling, illuminating, leatherworking, woodworking, 
armor and helm crafting--there are so many facets of the SCA story we 
could tell.

Please let me know your wishes and ideas.


Your friend,
Lady Elewys

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