[Bonwicke] Regional Fighter Practice

Tiffany Geisendorff thebrutelyone at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 30 19:31:33 PST 2006

  As Ld Cameron said, if the regional marshal is not present (and I will be at Crown), then there must be a knight marshal or an authorized marshal AND an officer present to hold a practice.
  Since our region has 1 knight marshal out of 7 groups and there are very few authorized marshals in our region, this is a problem to have someone there to run a practice (local or regional).   
  Running the practice means being in charge, checking fighter cards, inspecting armor, signing waivers, and sending in reports and waivers. 
  Hence, I need to know before the practice who will be willing to 'be in charge' of the heavy fighting.  
  Any Volunteers?!?!?!
  email or call me at thebrutelyone at yahoo.com or 432-349-8531
  Sir Britta
  Western Regional Knight Marshal, until the communication is cleared up

Cameron Cook <bonwickejester at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Once again, I would like to remind everyone that plans on attending the Regional Fighter Practice this Sunday, that if there are no authorized marshals, then NO fighting can take place. Also, if there are marshals there, please make sure that waivers are signed by ANY and ALL fighters that do not have a Blue Membership Card WITH THEM. You must see it. If you don't see it, they MUST sign the waiver. This is very serious, and if not done, could result in sanctions for the entire Region, including suspension of ALL fighting activities. Please make sure this gets done. Normally I would do it, but as I stated earlier, I will not be in attendance for this one. Any waivers that are signed, turn them in to your local Seneschal, and they can send them in with the rest of your monthly waivers from your local fighter practices. Thank you very much! Have a good time!
  Ever in Service,
  Ld. William Cameron

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