[Bonwicke] A proposal

Ann gam at door.net
Sun May 7 10:52:51 PDT 2006

I would like to if people are game for it on the Weekend of June 24th have at my house a pavillion making day.  I know with time in grade that one of the things that gains peoples interest is the appearance that they see.  I can make a pavillion fairly cheap and easy and I own two in that manner and have made two others that I have passed on.  I know many of you have not seen my pavillions but they are about 10 x 10.  It takes 15 yds of material and a we can begin.  
I can get deniem for $2.75 a yd.  I am hoping to get a 10% discount as well.  If you would like to come that weekend and need me to get you some material please contact me.  I will need the funds before you come since my budget like everyone else does not go as far as it did.  I have two sewing machines and a free weekend.  I will provide a lunch and dinner if you show up. 
Max I'm sure will be game to either working on armour or seige weapons.  And if he can talk me out of my kitchen he would happily show you how to make mead.

HE Anastasiya

806-741-1828 best after 7pm and before 9:30pm.
or gam at door.net

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