[Bonwicke] A Gothic Call to Arts!

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 16 12:20:25 PDT 2007

Unto the Good Artisans and Craftsmen of Ansteorra does Mistress Oriana, Baroness of
Bonwicke, send urgent greetings and dire news of the rumblings of usurpation of Western
Lands less than a fortnight hence!

Artists! My brethren! Action must be taken! I beg you to take up your arts and join me
for the fray at Gothic Wars. With God's grace, soon may peace be restored to our lands,
and we can again live at leisure, but now is not the time for resting on your laurels!
Gather your sharpest arts, those which are newly forged within the year and present them
for inspection. Document your crafts and stand ye ready! March shoulder to shoulder with
me on our field of battle!

To Arts!
Oriana della Francesca
Lady Bonwicke

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