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I for one have never had a problem resting comfortably on a Laurel; there's
something to be said for being travel-sized (and possessed of irresistible

Comes now to mind the refrain of some hymn...

This is my Laurel's world: I rest me in the thought
that though reinvented all these things are documented
and by hand are such wonders wrought.


/|\ Quill, who was just on his way out...

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> Very dangerous Faolon..... You go first.    Oh, you did, didn't you????
> At least you didn't mention anything about comfort.....
> Parry nine,  parry nine.....
> Muirchu wrote:
> > I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure someone out there has documentable
> > proof as to the hazards of resting on a Laurel.
> >
> > Ducking
> > Ld Faolon Muirchu

In service to The Dream,
Cuillioc "Quill"  /|\
a Bard Ansteorran
(mka: Aaron Barnes)
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