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Thu Aug 23 14:22:02 PDT 2007

Greeting Unto Your Excellency,
Kainin Tepesa, Baron Bonwicke

I come to you this morning bearing news you must hear.

Yesterday while at the market, a seriously injured lad came into town.  He 
was injured and apparently attacked while on the road from the south, he 
said that and his grandmother was on the way to see you.  This young lad 
refused to be treated for his injuries until he had spoke to several of the 
men here and pleaded for us to find his grandmother as he was unable to 
carry her as he was injured.

He said that he and his grandmother was stopped on the road by several men 
wearing livery of blue and gold.  These men attacked him and his grandmother after being questioned on where they were going and why they were on their way to see you.  This young lad said that his grandmother, an old lady of the woods who both claimed had she had the powers of her ancestors - the oracles of Delphi, and she had great portents of things to come.  We finally found her in a clearing, blue she was very near death's door.  Unfortunately 
their was nothing we could do for her but make her as comfortable as we could, but the last words that she spoke were meant for you.

She said that the matter between you and the Baron of Elfsea was a grave 
matter for the Kingdom, and that the West must prepare for the arrival of the Baron and his followers.  She also said that "She had foreseen that on the early 
morning of the day that you are to meet the 'Bloody Baron', you will have the  
support of valiant warriors from all the corners of Ansteorra.  She said that the 
outrageous actions and claims by the Baron of Elfsea have even been heard  
by the stars themselves, and that the stars will fly to your side before the sun rises that morning, and within a month of your meeting there will be a new Baron in Elfsea."  Shortly thereafter she closed her eyes and passed away.

By the time that we returned to town, our local Chirurgeon stopped and 
informed us that while the young lad was cut several times none of his wounds 
were fatal, but that his wounds were made by weapons coated in a poison, that smelled of roasting almonds.  The Chirugeon after inspecting the grandmother 
also found the smell of almonds in her wounds, and that both of them could 
not be saved, due to the poison used.  He also took the time to check her 
belongings that we found near her and noticed that the cheese, meat and loaf 
of bread all had the same smell.  He also suggested that the two be buried 
immediately with all of their belongings to prevent anyone else coming in 
contact with the poison.  We have followed his instructions and they now lay 
side by side near a tree in our cemetery.   Alas, I must also report to you that in all the confusion of trying to find the old lady, we never did learn the names of these two fallen individuals; and as no one here in the shire could recognize them. So their graves are at this time, unmarked.  

I am sorry to bring this sad message of evil doings to you, but you should know what has transpired to those who support you and the Western Region.

HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson
Shire of Crossrode Keep, Ansteorra

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