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Greetings unto all noble and just people of the great
Kingdom of Ansteorra,

My cousin continues to try to trick and bribe you into
joining in his insane crusade and his explanation, as
to his claims on lands that are under the direct
ownership of the Crown, is feeble at best. I will not
try to trick you good kinsmen and I will not insult
you with bribes, I will only rely on the true nature
of your hearts and the justice of my cause. In the
end, I know that the side of right will prevail and I
hope that you will join me in the victors camp.

My cousin makes mention of our friends in the Outlands
and my seeking their support as if I were seeking the
aid of an enemy and not that of a friend and loyal
supporter. I think this is symptomatic of how far my
cousin has slipped from reality. I fear that he is
seeing enemies everywhere and there is no telling who
he might turn on next, should the West not stem the

My cousin also makes mention of Lord Jasper
Codrington, formerly of Bonwicke who had made
residence in the Barony of Elfsea. If my good cousin
were true to himself, he might consider why a member
of his populace is so disquieted that he feels the
need to take arms against his rightful lord. Instead
he jumps to the conclusion that Lord Jasper is a spy,
planted by me, in his lands, 4 years prior to an
invasion that he, the Bloody Baron, instigated.

I think my case is clear.

Join with the side of justice and fill your bellies
with the food of righteousness. Bring your weapons of
war, bring your artisans and bards, bring those that
do deeds of great service and lend your support to he
that is being attacked.

Join me in victory!!

In service,
Kainin the Just
Baron of Bonwicke


> Unto Their Majesties, King Ulsted the Unsteady and
> Queen Ebergardis von
> Zell, warmest greetings from your humble servant,
> Armand Dragonetti,  
> by your
> grace, Baron of Elfsea and Lord Dragonsfire Tor!
> My dear cousin, the Baron of Bonwicke, has spoken
> truthfully.
> I have indeed remained close at home, among the
> friends and populace of
> Elfsea, celebrating a bountiful harvest and secure
> in our  
> fortifications.
> While His Excellency of Bonwicke continues his
> travels and leaves his  
> barony
> in a state of unease. I offer thanks to my good
> cousin for proving my  
> point.
> He is indeed honorable to speak so forthright. Tis
> true our harvests  
> have
> been bountiful and our children well fed, I am yet
> dismayed that he  
> ascribes
> the deadly sin of gluttony to myself and our
> gentlefolk. Perhaps his  
> agents
> misrepresent? Generosity, wise King and fair Queen,
> not gluttony. We  
> wish to
> extend this generosity to His Excellency Kainin and
> the Western Region.
> As another example of generosity, and in the
> interest of good  
> relations, I
> shall not point out his slanderous language to the
> chivalry of the  
> Central
> region, with his claims of undeserved or unearned
> security. His  
> mettle shall
> be tested quite well enough without inciting their
> full wrath. I pray  
> that I
> can convince them of the folly of his words, spoken
> from emotion  
> rather than
> experience.
> And not wanting to draw too much attention to His
> Excellency's youthful
> analysis, please ask yourself, Ansteorrans, if
> Gothic War reveals  
> that the
> West is indeed lacking in readiness, in whom should
> the Crown entrust  
> the
> kingdom's "Crown Lands"? It is not arrogance or
> presumption. I do not  
> lay
> claim to lands that are not mine to promise, but
> rather express  
> confidence
> in the wisdom and franchise of our most saged
> Sovereign.
> Now unto Ansteorrans, as if succulent brisket,
> cobbler and abundant  
> beer and
> ale were not enough to entice you to fight for my
> cause, (and so  
> shall it be
> provided to those who do), I shall provide you
> further encouragement, as
> Lord Bonwicke doth offer supposed words from
> Ansteorrans to undermine  
> the
> justice of our cause, let me share a few words that
> MY agents have
> secured.....
> "Just for my personal peace of mind if you are
> planning to go to  
> Gothic Wars
> in two weeks in Ansteorra
> (http://www.bonwicke.org/Gothic/default.htm) could
> you please reply  
> off list
> to candrade at gmail.com so that we have an accurate
> count of who is  
> going?
> It would be nice if all of the Citadel was camping
> together and to know who to look for when you get on
> site. Jerusha and I
> plan to leave early on Friday 31st (the drive is
> over 400 miles with  
> a time
> zone change) so plan accordingly"
> Is this not evidence that Lord Bonwicke has seen fit
> to solicit  
> assistance
> from OUTSIDE Ansteorra to fight his battle? To bring
> in foreigners to  
> fight
> against Ansteorrans? Is this his idea of protecting
> Ansteorra's western
> border? In addition, his own man, Lord Jaspar
> Codrington, was planted  
> in the
> midst of Elfsea to subvert us from within and has
> yet eluded my baronial
> guard. Even now is he rumored to prepare to serve as
> General of the  
> Western
> forces. One who resides (or did) in Elfsea!!!
> Upon these revelations, I CALL UPON EVERY MEMBER OF
> NOBLE DONS/DONAS to answer my CALL TO ARMS! Send
> word of how many of  
> your
> squires and cadets shall join *you* at Gothic War to
> fight at my side. I
> CALL UPON EVERY LAUREL! Will you not journey to
> Gothic? How many of your
> apprentices can you bring? I CALL UPON EVERY
> PELICAN, your service  
> and that
> of your protégés are severely needed. It has been
> said that Ye shall  
> know
> the tree by it's fruits. Pray, let *YOURS* be known
> by the side you  
> shall
> support!!!
> In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I
> remain,
> Armand Dragonetti
> Baron of Elfsea
> Lord Dragonsfire Tor

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