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Jan Van Zandt hejanais at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 14:07:31 PDT 2007

  Each year the Amazon Household holds an auction at the Gothic War. It is a tradition of the Amazon Household to donate all the items we collect for the Amazon Auction to the War Chest of the Western Region.  Come help us refill the War Chest of the Western Region.  The auction will be held early Saturday evening.
  All who attend the war are welcome to come watch the fun, but the auction is for the ladies. We invite ANY AND ALL ladies who attend the war to be our guests and participate in the auction, but only the adult ladies will be allowed to make bids. The Amazon Household will present for auction some of the finest young lords in Ansteorra. If you have a fine speciman of manhood in your camp that you feel would fetch a ‘pretty penny’ at auction and you wish to volunteer/donate him to the Amazon Auction, please contact Baroness Jan during the day on Saturday at the war or by email at hejanais at yahoo.com.
  Bids will be made with $$tokens. 
  During the day on Saturday, Ladies may bring ANY SCA/camping-related items they wish to use for bidding to  Baroness Jan and trade those items for $$tokens. So clean out your your extra stuff.  All items will go into the War Chest. 
  We will also take paper IOU’s/promissory notes for specified items/handwork/etc. in place of bidding items. The IOU's are considered a promise to the Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke that said IOU items will be sent/delivered to the War Chest ASAP (within 60 days) after the Gothic War. 
  The Auction:
  The ladies with the winning bids at the auction will have possession of the chattel only for Saturday evening. The lord who becomes chattel is expected to follow through with the game, but all chattel must be treated with respect. Please remember that this is only a game. We are not auctioning off babysitters/dishwashers and ladies who mistreat their chattel will answer to the Amazon Household. This is an adult game.  No minors may bid or be auctioned and no person is expected to do anything they do not wish to do.
  Each young man is auctioned off by the Amazons will have the proud privilege of knowing that he helped to fill the Western Region War Chest.
  Come join in the fun,
  Baroness Janais
  Amazon Household

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