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Anton Zemlock III a.zemlock at suddenlink.net
Tue Dec 4 08:23:18 PST 2007

For all the vaunted and self--sacrificing denizens of the Western Region,

I bid you a good day and great tomorrow. Below you will find the map to the
location of our tourney for those whose hearts do compel them to attend. 

At the conclusion of our illustrious event, there will be an optional parade
through the downtown area for a Christmas Lighting event. All are welcome to
follow Trelac's lead and join in these festivities. On the subject of
revelry, Their Excellencies Gavin and Safiye have opened their estate for a
gather worth of your company. The guards will allow you to pass precisely
between the hours of 7 and 8. You may stay as long as you like as long as
you are liked as long as you stay. Due to the far reaching and highly
developed palates of the Western Region, remember to bring your own favorite
beverage and perhaps enough to expose your comrades-in-arms to your vast and
worldly knowledge of libations.


In service,

Jean-Marc Lemainnoir, Toyocrat.


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