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Sun Dec 9 16:18:09 PST 2007

First, let me say "thank you"  to all those who participated in our "Champions for Children" event in Trelac.  I for one had a great time and it was great to see everyone else enjoying this wonderful day of sunshine and chivalry.  We collected an amazing amount of toys (the Marines had to send special trailer to pick them all of them up).  
The pictures that Celonise and I took at the event are posted on the following link:
Again, let me apologize if I didn't get your photo.  Although we tried to get a shot of everyone, the final decision as to what photos to post was again made based on artistic considerations (lighting, composition. background, color, etc.)   I noticed that some of the posed shots turned out the best, although candid ones always offer the promise of "a diamond in the rough."  With this in mind, we may choose to try to pose more shots.  Of course this is often difficult because of not wanting to interfer with event participation (both others and ours).  That being said, maybe if any of you want a photo taken at an event please feel free to ask us.  We would be flattered to accommodate.  Also, if anyone ever wants a really good copy of one of our photos, please feel free to ask and I will email you a "good" copy.  The ones I post on Piczo have been compressed and are not as good as the originals.
I hope you enjoy viewing them.  I enjoy taking and editing them.  Feed back is always appreciated.
Rizardo d'Artusio

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