[Bonwicke] Champions for Children becomes Annual Event

rizardo dartusio rizardodartusio at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 09:31:23 PST 2007

Mark your calendars now.  I just talked to the head of the Downtown Merchant's Assn of San Angelo, and they were delighted with our non calendar event, "Champions for Children."    They were so pleased that they have officially have invited us to make this an annual event and will hold it again next year during "Christmas at Fort Concho" event so visiting Scadians and their families take take in the other Christmas events happening in San Angelo that weekend.  We have a tentative date of Dec. 6 2008.  I will post any changes and info as I get it.
Many thanks to those of you who traveled from afar to make this such a fun and successful event.  Hope to see many of you again at the Mendersham Demo this weekend.
In Service,
Rizardo d'Artusio

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