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Leigh Bjerregaard aprilmoon08 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 09:54:42 PST 2007

Season’s Greetings!


Unto the Good People of Ansteorra I send greetings and
bright wishes for this holiday season. The day of our
Twelfth Night celebration is fast approaching and
there is much to know and more to do. Look upon the
plans for this year’s merriment by following the link
provided below (though admittedly it was a bit late in
arriving, my apologies), and then please consider how
it might be possible to do more than merely watch the
event unfold around you.


As the Co-Steward of this event (alongside HE Anna
Mitrofanova) it is my blessed privilege to be joined
by many experienced and knowing members of my Barony
in presenting this year’s Twelfth Night, and though
there is no lack of worthy guidance or helpful advice
I find that there are still some positions of
importance yet to be undertaken by anyone. This is of
course largely due to my not having asked anyone yet,
which is a bit of an oversight on my part, but
hopefully a forgivable one.


In light of this fact I make now the following open
request. If you would not mind offering your
assistance in the final touches of this event it would
greatly please me to accept your help. No one person
should be overburdened on this pleasant evening, and
you would be doing a great and noble service to your
fellow celebrants by devoting a portion of your time
to some of these tasks.


That said, I thank you for your time and
consideration, and I do hope you will join us in
whatever capacity you are able this year in the Barony
of Bonwicke.


In service to the Barony, the Kingdom, and my fellow
Lords & Ladies,

Lady Katherine Kavenaugh, Co-Steward of Bonwicke’s
Twelfth Night 2008


Twelfth Night Website Link:



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