[Bonwicke] Early music - how about an orginizational meeting? Feb 18th?

sweber at nmt.edu sweber at nmt.edu
Sun Feb 4 11:39:29 PST 2007

Greetings to the list,

 I'd like to hold an organizational meeting for people interested in
playing early music, to discuss the logistics,possibly select music to
work on and play some music while we are at it.

 To get started, we could meet at our house, Feb. 18th, (Sunday afternoon,
say around 2:00pm. I live in Odessa (on the east end right near UTPB). If
the date works for people, I can post a map and driving directions.

 Here's some of my thoughts:

 We could hold a monthly get together and pick a location that is fairly
central to the group, or we could hold a roving monthly practice. At this
practice, we could hand out music and everyone can work on it at their
home group.
 I'd also be willing to host a weekly get together in Blacklake, for
people who are just starting out making music, want more opportunities to
practice and play, and/or live nearby.

 Let me know if the 18th is a good date for this, and if you could make
it. I'll plan on having some snacks.

If you can't make it, please drop me a line with your thoughts on logistics.
I can also fax or scan and email music to you if you can't make it.



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