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We're still interested, bu

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Greetings to the list!

We'll be having an organizational meeting of the early music group on Feb.
18th at my house in Blacklake (in Odessa)at 2:00. I've created a map,
which I can email to people who are intersted, or post to the list. I live
near the UTPB campus.

At the meeting, we can talk about logistics for future meetings, figure
out what everyone wants to play and where they are at, pick out some
music, etc.

If you can't make the meeting, but are interested, let me know, and I can
fill you in, scan music and send it, etc.

We can also talk about the demo the following week. I'm going to try and
get to it, and we can possibly do some playing there!

Email me with any questions, or to get a copy of the map! (if you could,
email me at schrader_s at utpb.edu so that I can put together a mailing list
for future use).


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