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Gavin barongavin at cox.net
Sat Feb 10 15:23:31 PST 2007

Greetings Western Region:

The close of pre-registration for Gulf Wars is fast upon us.  If you are going to the War and haven't pre-registered you must pre-register online via a credit card.   

Some of you have talked to me in person or on the phone.  If you would please contact me via email (because I'm forgetful and didn't write anything down).  I need this so that the Kingdom Land Crat (Honor) and I can work with the troll to ensure that everyone that pre-registered is actually on the list as having pre-registered.  This will alleviate any problems at gate. 

If you have pre-registered - I need you to contact me with the following information:
* your mundane name
* your SCA name
* the group you will be camping with
* date of arrival

If you are pre-registered as camping with the Western Region, I need the above information as well as the following from you:
* size of tent
* placement of door on tent ex: long side of tent or short side of tent

Now for the hard ass portion of this email...
If you are not pre-registered as camping with the Western Region and you come to Gulf Wars - you will NOT be camping with the Western Region.  This is not my rule, the is the way the War is run.  We are VERY, VERY limited on the space we are allotted.  It will be based on those that pre-register.  So if you don't pre-register, there simply won't be a place allotted for you.  

Oh for the good old days when the War was a little smaller and we could cram more people on site that we can now.  :)

Hope to see everyone at War.
Western Region Land Coordinator for Gulf Wars.
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