[Bonwicke] Early music get together today

jlusk at crcom.net jlusk at crcom.net
Sun Feb 18 08:12:47 PST 2007

> Greeting,
>  Just a quick reminder, the early music get together will be today at
> 2:00.
> If you haven't heard about it, or need directions, drop me an email for
> details!
> Siubhan

M'lady, I was so looking forward to this, but have waked up this morning
with a horrible sore throat and sinusitis, so better not try to make the
meeting.  Please know I'm very interested.  I play soprano recorder (self
taught, so hope I'm playing it correctly via Mel Bay beginner book).  I've
ordered a tenor recorder, hoping my fingers will be long enough to play
it.  I've got a bodhran and wooden doumbek, if they'll help any.  I have
an electric keyboard with a harpsichord setting.  My music education is jr
& hi school band (saxophone), some piano, and church choir.  I have a lot
of early music CD's, mostly instrumental.  I hope some of that'll help in
your organization of an early music guild.  I'd be quite happy to try to
get some music learned for the demo in Trelac next weekend.  I have some
early music recorder books that I've ordered over the internet.  Maybe
I'll have some titles you'll be using.

Anyhow, I'm very interested, very sorry I can't make this first meeting,
and hope to see you next weekend in Trelac.

Lady Elewys
Crossrode Keep
(Jane Lusk, Big Spring)

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