[Bonwicke] It's CeltFest time again!

jlusk at crcom.net jlusk at crcom.net
Mon Mar 12 19:46:52 PDT 2007

> Greetings!
>  I'm in! I can bring music instruments, and do a period music workshop or
> demo.
> Siubhan

That's great, Sue!  If you'd please write up a short outline/synopsis of
the class, including how long you'd need, I'll submit it to the CelfFest
board.  We're presenting our classes at our demo site this year, which'll
make it easier for us, not having to haul stuff to the classroom tents. 
For our little hands-on demos, we'll just present them during the day when
passers-by seem interested.

Thanks for your help!

Also, for the music practice time in April, I'm committed to Crown Tourney
on the 1st Saturday, Celtfest the 2nd Sat & Sun, Bonwicke's event on the
3rd Sat, and Illuminted Threads the last Sat.  So, that leaves me 3
Sundays and all weeknights except Wednesdays.  Hope that helps in your

Thanks again!

Jane/Lady Elewys

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