[Bonwicke] Sunday April 1 2007 gathering

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Brynach ap Efflam
Please advertise this event widely both in Midland and Odessa.  I intend for these regional fighter practices to be major demos as well, in an effort to increase membership in all Western Region groups.  Hopefully, people from all over the region will come help with this.  Just as you will come help the other groups with theirs.  As plans progress, please keep me aprised.  I will be gathering people with suitable arts to demonstrate to any "mundanes" that are interested in coming.  I was hoping for a more central location, such as Sherwood Park or that park across from the YMCA in Odessa.  I hope you consider doing another large demo in Midland.
Marthe de Blenkinsop
Regional Seneschal
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> good question. 

Teresa Galindo

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We would love to attend, but may I ask if our small dog (Papillon) Dante would be welcome attend?  We don't travel without him.  You can get back to me off list.
Rizardo d'Artusio and Celonise Ducharm.

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Greeting good genitals all,
     I Brynach ap Efflam, send an invitation from Blacklake, to all who wish to join us on April 1, in a gathering of friends and family. Being that is the first Sunday of the month and offer the soft grasses and wondrous shade for the regional fighter practice. When and where you may ask. 
Where: Goldsmith community center
When: April 1 2007 12:00 PM
Activities Planed: Fighter Practice, Chivalric and light. Period dance and Music. Armor crafting, and much more. And as the evening wears down ( five or six-ish) there will be brisket and feasting after.

Am Loch:

Barony of Bonwick 

Odessa--- http://tinyurl.com/2t2pnj
Midland--- http://tinyurl.com/yudrja

Crossroad Keep




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