[Bonwicke] It's CeltFest time again!

JLUSK at crcom.net JLUSK at crcom.net
Thu Mar 22 07:05:20 PDT 2007

> We may be interested in attending and volunteering, but only if our small
> dog (Papillon) Dante is welcome.  He has been at 2 Coronations and Queens
> Champion among others.  Let us know if he is welcome.

Oh, my dear lord and lady, Dante would be in his element!  Dogs abound at
CeltFest.  They have their own costume parade, even, with prizes, if Dante
is into that scene.  My own li'l Precious, the Shih Tzu, dressed as a
rather hairy leprechaun last year.<G>  You'll see all sizes, shapes,
breeds, and non-breeds at celtic festivals.  Hope to see all three of you

Lady Elewys
P.S.: Check out the website for more doggy details.

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