[Bonwicke] Redarding the last...

Brynach Efflam brynach.efflam at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 18:36:03 PDT 2007

It has been brought to my attention, much to my horror and chagrin, that 
there was a grave oversight on my part and on the part of my Virtual 
Word smith. Knowing that I have a deficiency in my ability to spell, the 
virtual gremlin snuk past my tired watchfulness, or lack there of, and 
be spelled my Word smith in to producing a horrendous error.  To my 
shame and embarrassment this error tarnished my message. 
I stand forth and formally apologize to all GENTLES that receive this 
list. Henceforth I shall have many word smiths virtual and not so 
virtual to verify my words to reduce the attacks of the haunting imp. 

Note From the Editor(Amy) - In other words, when he was spell checking 
before sending, the word was already misspelled and he selected the 
first word that was displayed and thus the incorrect word came into 
play.  All future correspondence will be proofed for correct usage of 
words, grammar, and spelling.

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