[Bonwicke] Redarding the last...

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Personally, I thought it was an excellent advertising gimmick to get our 
attention.  Jamie of Trelac
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> It has been brought to my attention, much to my horror and chagrin, that
> there was a grave oversight on my part and on the part of my Virtual
> Word smith. Knowing that I have a deficiency in my ability to spell, the
> virtual gremlin snuk past my tired watchfulness, or lack there of, and
> be spelled my Word smith in to producing a horrendous error.  To my
> shame and embarrassment this error tarnished my message.
> I stand forth and formally apologize to all GENTLES that receive this
> list. Henceforth I shall have many word smiths virtual and not so
> virtual to verify my words to reduce the attacks of the haunting imp.
> Note From the Editor(Amy) - In other words, when he was spell checking
> before sending, the word was already misspelled and he selected the
> first word that was displayed and thus the incorrect word came into
> play.  All future correspondence will be proofed for correct usage of
> words, grammar, and spelling.
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