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Sun Mar 25 20:22:24 PDT 2007


Lady Elewys the Technically Challenged is going to attempt a combined
response.  Here goes! <G>

>Can you remind me the dates for this event please-I can't find the
original e-mail?

April 14 & 15, on the athletic field at Odessa College.

>What are the time frames for the fest?  It is Saturday and Sunday?  Who
is in
>charge of the fighting? Rapier and Chivalric?  I will be glad to take
care of the
>Chivalric and coordinate with Rapier so we can try to have a fluid show.

Yes, it's Saturday and Sunday, all day long each day (well, till about 5pm
on Sunday).  I think the gates open at 8am each morning, though the
visitors don't start to really show up till 9:00 or later.  Thank you for
volunteering to coordinate the chivalric part of the demo!  We don't have
a rapier coordinator yet.  Lady Muireighn (sp?) did a great job when she
took on that duty 2 years ago, so maybe we could ask her again. No formal
schedule has been set yet.  I know we'll have at least 2 workshops going
on during both days at our SCA booth.  I'm planning on bringing one of
those white dry-erase boards to post our schedules on, so we can formalize
things better when we all get there, I hope.

>Will there be time and opportunity to fight if we are volunteering?

Oh, yes--demonstrating the martial arts is a big part of the volunteering!
And demo fighting gives fighters the opportunity to rather "ham it up" if
they wish.  It's fun to set up scenarios for the audience, such as a
master fighter teaching a student,  or two or more fighters issuing
challenges to each other. The audience can really get into these demos,
asking questions and rooting on fighters. Dramatic deaths go over quite
well.<G>  It's all our opportunity to share and "sell" our SCA, as well as
our love and knowledge of history.

>What are we going to have to do? Do I just hang around for an hour to
help our
>fighters and answer visitors questions?

Yes, it's pretty much sharing information with our visitors.  We'll have
brochures to hand out.  It's fun to walk around the Fest in persona (if
you wish) visiting with folks and inviting them to our booth. If you have
a craft or activity to demonstrate while at the booth, such as embroidery,
charter painting, calligraphy, etc, that'd be good, too. Really, it's what
you'd most enjoy doing.  We appreciate your help, for as long as you wish
to stay.  Also, it's not all work.  Take the time to visit the other
booths and the music tents, and have fun.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I've got Larkin, Sam, and the
Geisendorffs added to the list.

Thanks to you all!

Your verbose friend,
Lady Elewys

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