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HL Chiara Francesca vscribe at ansteorra.org
Sat Mar 31 17:26:48 PDT 2007

I purchased a pair of boots for my husband.

I purchased a pair of bucketops with the zipper for him (he has 18" calves), 
very rapier combat looking, about 7 years ago. They have been through about 
3 or 4 thorough mud trenching and forgotten in the back end of his car 
before I could clean them for him. Even the zipper is still working and not 

They are still going strong. I highly recommend them. Their prices have not 
changed much in 7 years. I got mine in 2000 for 78.00 plus about 6.00 

Chiara Francesca

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Subject: [Bonwicke] SCA boots

> Was just wondering whether anyone has had dealings with or knows about 
> SCAboots.com?   Was thinking of ordering from them, but was wondering 
> about the quality of their boots.
> Thanks
> Rizardo
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