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Hadn't thought of proof.  If you can't believe an Italian virgin, who can you believe.  I guess the passport would verify citizenship.  Do you have any suggestions about the second part?  I'm OK with just taking the lady's word at this point.  Were you applying for protection, My Lady?  A few spots are still open before the Mendersham commences.


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What type of documentation will be required for proof that they really are Italian virgins.  
Passports?  Jamie 
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As "Mendersham's Defender" draws near I thought I should post the following announcement to any Italian virgins who might be at the event: (if there are no Italian virgins, I would consider other nationalities)             
Italian Virgins take note:
Are your parents having to shoo young Romeo's off your bedroom balcony at night?  
Are the market youths trying to lift your skirts with their swords?
 Have you heard rumors that your name has been penned on yon privy wall?
Has Rudofo the grocer compared your ta tas to ripe melons?
Has you received marriage proposals from Alfonso the elderly butcher?
Are you starting to think a nunnery is your only option?
Well fear not.  Rizardo d'Artusio, Defender of Italian virgins is at your service.  All virgins regardless of age or social standing may feel welcome to avail themselves of this service  Send a statement of your predicament to the above address and receive a reply within 48 hours.  Sorry, only women need apply and I hope to see all you virgins at Mendersham.

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