[Bonwicke] Defender Thanks

George- the instigator grlgeorge1 at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 07:11:30 PDT 2007

Greetings Mendersham Shire!

Once again you have put on a wonderful event!  *high

I would like to borrow a bit of bandwidth to say a few

Thanks to all who came and gave of their time to help
out with preparing feast. Behiye, thanks for loaning
me your husband, especially on your anniversary, to
help me out, and  I thank you as well, for all you
Aku,    (bless me)   and Amy......thank you thank you
thank you, I couldn't have  done it without you, 
thanks, too,  for loaning me your ship's galley slave
for my dishes.........
Aerin, thanks for the loan of the tarps, without them,
we would have all been colder and moister,  Dirk,
thanks for letting us use your merchant tables. 

I am sure I have missed someone, but at this writing,
I am still brain numb, and cannot think. Correctly. 

So, here's a general "THANK YOU" to any not named.

I remain, just

drum for your soul

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