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> Atttention, Western Region:
>   It is my priviledge to have been named the new
> Regional Arts and Sciences officer for the Western
> Region. Hooray! However, I have no records for this
> office, and need to get in touch with my local
> officers. It is critical that this happen before
> Coronation. Recently, I sent out a short note to the
> seneschals of each group in our region, as they are
> listed in the Black Star, requesting the contact
> information for the A&S officer of each group.
> Unfortunately, I did not recieve any replies. In the
> event that I had poor information, and failed in
> every instance to reach the seneschals, I am
> publishing my request to this list. 
>   If you are the seneschal of a group who has an A&S
> officer, please ask them to reply to this message
> privately. If you are the seneschal of a group who
> does not have an A&S minister, please respond
> privately and confirm this for me. 
>   Thank you in advance for your help, 
>   Serafina
>   Bonwicke
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