[Bonwicke] Behiye's Dance Class at Crescent Wrench

Barbara Viruet barbara.viruet at angelo.edu
Sun Oct 7 16:03:09 PDT 2007

Hi all:)

This is a note to anyone who plans to attend my dance workshop at crescent

A few things that will make a better class for you.

1. if you own a yoga mat, please bring it, if not bring a largish (beach)
2. bring a water bottle
3. If your garb is restrictive and i can't see your posture and what your
legs are doing, please bring something to change into for class. ie. work
out/yoga clothes, harem pants, whatever:)
4. bring a notebook and writing utensil.  I will have handouts but not
everything may be on them.
5. if you come to the class, be prepared to participate. A dance class is a
safe space for learning and it can be hard for first time dancers to learn
if they are being watched by a crowd.

Thanks Bunches and I can't wait to see you all there:)!


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