[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench/ Site Rules and Finalized Schedule

George- the instigator grlgeorge1 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 12:38:53 PDT 2007

Is this a "garbbed" Crescent Wrench?  I know they
don't do garb at Red Tape, but I was just wondering.
Cause I've slept a hole lot since the last one, and
don't remember.........


--- Elizabeth Blackthorne
<damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
>   Below is the final schedule for Crescent Wrench. 
> We have decided to have everyone "pitch in" for
> pizza delivery for lunch.  If you are not interested
> in eating pizza we will have a map to local eating
> places that are available near by.  The suggested
> "pitch in" price is $4 per person.  
>   There will be no MOC activities at this function
> so please be prepared to keep your children
> entertained and with you at all times.
>   We are placing an ad in the local newspaper and
> inviting the public to attend our non-officer
> classes.  
>   Crescent Wrench will be held during the Library's
> normal business hours, so we ask that you do your
> best to not disrupt their business.  Don't worry
> folks, we are down in the basement so we don't have
> to whisper or any thing like that. 
>   I appologize but there will be no pets allowed on
> this site.
>   There is a city ordinance in Big Spring banning
> smoking to all public buildings and smoking cannot
> be outside with in 30 ft of any entrance to the
> building.  We will have a designated smoking area
> set up, and ask that smoking only take place in that
> area, not only for you to avoid getting a ticket,
> but also to keep the opinion of the SCA in good
> standing with in our community.
>   Once again, 
>   Site:  Howard County Library (MAP COMING SOON)
>            500 S. Main
>            Big Spring, TX  79720
>   Date:  October 13, 2007
>   Schedule:
>    8:00am  Site Opens
>    9:00am  Opening Meeting- Mistress Marthe de
> Blenkinsop
>   10:00am  Senschal Warranting Class- Mistress
> Marthe de Blenkinsop
>                 Chivalric Fighting and Marshalling-
> Baron Chaing Ti Lung
>                 Rapier Marshalling- Lady Muirghein
> MacKiernan
>   12:00pm  Lunch
>    1:00pm  Financial Policy Class- Baroness Safiye
> ap Griffith
>                Beginer Middle Eastern Dancing- Lady
> Behiya bint Kismet
>                Sewing Shortcuts, Organization, and
> Pattern Making- HL  AmaRyah hap Illys
>    2:30pm  Exchequers Forms Class- Baroness Safiy ap
> Griffithe
>                Drum Repair and Basic Beats- HL
> Giorgio della Falbo de Milano
>    4:00pm  Gothic Staff Meeting- HL Agnarr
> Thorvaldson or Pavel Poliokoff
>    6:00pm  Site Closes
>   I hope to see everyone there.  
>   L.Elizabeth Blackthorne
>   Seneschal of Crossrode Keep
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