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Attention! This is from the Knigdom Chronicler - Baron Kainin. 

Greetings unto all the local chroniclers of the great
Kingdom of Ansteorra,

First and foremost, my thanks to all of you for the
wonderful work that you do. I am very pleased with all
the local newsletters I have seen and you should all
be proud of the service that you render to your group. 

There appears to be a little confusion as to reporting
and so I have asked your regional superior to send
this email on to you. This will outline the reporting
practices that I want to see starting in November 2007
and going forward, so please read it carefully and

Additionally, please always read my report in The
Black Star each month. These policies were outlined
there in the August issue. I know that we are all busy
and we rarely have time to read all the reports in The
Black Star but you should, at least, read the one that
pertains to your office each month. That report is my
best tool for reaching all of you in the trenches. 

All groups should be sending a copy of your newsletter
(which is your report) each month (or bimonthly for
those Shires and Cantons that publish that way) to the
Crown, the Heirs (when we have them), the Kingdom
Historian, your Regional Chronicler and myself. 
Additionally Baronies (or their equivalent - i.e. our
Province) need to be sending a copy of each newsletter
to the Society Archivist. 

If you are publishing your newsletter online or via
email, you may contact each of those report recipients
and ask if they would prefer to receive the newsletter
via email, but you must be sure to send it to them
each time you publish. Please do not expect that your
regional superior (or any of the other recipients) is
going to go on to your website to download your
newsletter. If you do not email it to them, you are
not reporting. 

If any one of those above mentioned report recipients
requests that you send a hard copy of your newsletter,
you must be sure to send them one each time you
publish. I know that the Society Archivist (for
Baronies and Provinces) must receive a hard copy, and
so must I. Each year I make the nominations from
Ansteorra for the William Blackfox Awards and I cannot
do that if I do not have copies of your newsletter to
send to the selection committee. So at the very least,
you will need to make 2 hard-copies each time you
publish (though I would recommend that you keep a hard
copy in your files as well). 

Follow these simple steps and we can insure that the
Chronicler's office is the best run office in the
Kingdom. You are already doing the hard work
(producing the newsletter), make sure that you get
credit for all your efforts by keeping up with your
reporting. The Chroniclers are the ones that really
put the public face on the SCA at the local level, you
should all be proud of the work that you do, I know
that I am proud of all of you. 

Keep up the great work!

Baron Kainin
Kingdom Chronicler

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